Questions that we get asked all the time at shows, when we meet customers and from randomers who see us out and about in our van…

Who makes your cabinets?

We do! We don’t outsource any woodwork and all the cabinetry installed in our vans is made in house, by hand by us.

Isn’t all that wood heavy?

No heavier than the ‘usual’ formica camper conversions. For example our own van, which is a MWB Crafter with hardwood floor and resin worktops weighs 2,700kg after conversion. This means there is 800kg payload leftover for us and our belongings – which is plenty!

Is it real wood?

Yes, we only use real wood. The closest we get to using not-real wood is Birch/Poplar Ply which is still real wood just stuck together in slices. We do also occasionally use resin in our countertops which is obviously not wood at all.

Are your electrics/gas safe?

Yes, we have both the electrical system and the gas system certified by qualified persons.

How long does a conversion take?

Conversion takes between 8 – 12 weeks. This is highly dependant on the size of your van, as well as what features are included and assumes that the base vehicle is clean, empty and ready to work on.

What is the process to book in and what happens next?

We generally take bookings after we have discussed and agreed upon a quote, which is available via our Quote Request Form here. Thereafter the process is as follows:

  1. We take a Primary Deposit of £2,000 plus VAT. This books and holds your build slot and allows us to continue with more in depth planning and designs.
  2. 8 weeks before commencement of the conversion we require a Secondary Deposit of 60% of the full total. At this point most decisions are made; this allows us to buy parts in advance and make sure that we are ready to start when you drop your van off with us.
  3. You drop your van off with us and we begin work. All final decisions are made including paint colours and aesthetic choices.
  4. You will receive a Mid-Way update showing how we are getting on with full explanations of the work that we have completed. This means that you have evidence of the work behind the cladding, which is frequently the most vital to a well functioning conversion. At this point we require a payment of 50% of the remaining total.
  5. We arrange collection and the remaining total is paid before or on the date of collection (prior to release of the van). You get information about using and caring for your camper as well as shown how everything works.

Do you provide any additional aftercare?

We offer a tutored weekend campout wherein we go camping with you for 1-2 nights to help you through those inevitable niggles that come with first time use of a complex off grid vehicle. We will stay in our own camper parked up next to yours. This is at an extra cost and can be added onto your quote before or during the build.

Can you just fit me a skylight etc?

No, we do not do part conversions.

Can I do my own electrics and some of the gas and the lining and you do the rest?

No. This is because we cannot verify the quality of work completed by outside parties and therefore wouldn’t be able to guarantee the quality of the conversion as a whole. In addition to this all parts of our conversions are interconnected, meaning that groundwork for later stages needs to be applied before the various parts that you may want to complete yourself.
If you were planning on a self build, have changed your mind, and have therefore done ‘some insulation’ or installed ‘just one maxxfan’ we may be able to take on the job, but this is on a case by case basis.

Is it just the two of you?

Yes, Dan and myself complete every part of every camper that we convert. We are the whole team.

What does CarpenterIngram stand for?

Our names jammed together. Harriet Carpenter and Daniel Ingram.