Any Van
Any Layout

Each bespoke camper that we complete is one of a kind, with no limitations on design, colour schemes or base vehicles. Everything is made in house, by hand, by us. This means that we can create a camper van that is perfect for you without needing to stick to a cabinet shape already programmed into a machine. We can alter counter heights, numbers of drawers and cupboards, bed lengths and table sizes. While we use the same tried and tested materials to build all of our vans, they can be finished however you like and to fit whatever aesthetic you require. Some people prefer a more wooden cabin-esque interior, while others prefer a smooth calm painted vibe. Whichever it is that suits you, we can incorporate it.

This all means that it’s tough to give a ‘standard’ price. With that being said, there is a rough price bracket that we can use to give you an idea of how much you’re looking at, based on a couple of past builds and the elements that you want included.

Please note that it is not necessarily the size of van that is the main indicator of price, but more the appliances and features that you’d like included. If you want a big surf van that’s just a place to get changed and chill out, with no complexities, then it’s price could be outside the parameters below. 

1/2 Berth, Small Van with a Low Roof…

…and a fancy but compact kitchen as well as a convertible bed/seating area and a solid Walnut table. You’ve got that expensive home look in your mind but want it all squished down into a T5 or a Traffic or whatever. At this point you’re in luck because your small base vehicle means that there’s less space to fill and we therefore have less work to do and in turn it’s cheaper. Clever move.

We’re somewhere between £25,000 – £45,000 ex VAT.


2 Berth, Medium to Long Wheel Base…

 …with a smallish electrical setup, as well as a spiffy kitchen and a hot water shower. Or maybe the money’s on the other end, with a full off grid electrical system but a cold-only water system and a minimal kitchen. This is more of a priorities based camper, meaning that you can choose to go all out on the bits that are important to you, but save up on the stuff that doesn’t matter so much. Just like the next option everything is finished immaculately, but you’re saying yes to less of the ‘optional extras’.

We’re now looking at between £35,000 – £60,000 ex VAT.


3/4 Berth, Long Wheel Base…

…with extensive electrics, a full kitchen with diesel hob/oven and a fancy sink tap combo. You also want the expensive worktop (like Walnut or live edge or something weird and wonderful that we’ve not used before) and loads of drawers in your kitchen unit. Hot water is a must along with hot air, and you’ve maybe got a shower thrown in too for good measure. The seating area is multi-use, turning into a bed or a play area or maybe even an aeroplane (kidding). An awning would be great too please, as well as a big boy skylight and a fan and some windows. Everything is finished to a super high standard and you’ve got your paint colour in mind already.

For this kind of setup, we’re looking at between £45,000 – £65,000 ex VAT.


Included in all of our campers:

  • 3D Designs and Sketches
  • Rust Proofing and Hole Sealing
  • Full 12v Victron Electrical System with Lithium Battery, USB Sockets and Downlights
  • Plug in and Split Charge Battery Charging, Victron Battery Monitoring Syst
  • Triple Layer Insulation and Vapour Barrier
  • Carpet Door Lining with Wooden V Groove Paneling
  • Ceiling and Walls Clad in Solid Wood
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • GasSafe Landlord Certificate
  • Full Electrical Certification
  • Weigh bridge Certificate

Above all else we pride ourselves on the finish of our campers. No matter whether you’re spending £30k or £60k, hours and hours of work will be put into ensuring that every inch of wood is fully protected with either paint or Osmo Oil.

We use only the most premium of parts. There is no second rate brands or fake versions of appliances installed in our vans. This is not something that we do, even if asked specifically by a customer.

All prices assume that your base vehicle is clean, empty and ready to work on.

Some options that we offer:

  • Full Kitchen with 2 or 4 Burner Hob, with Oven and/or Grill
  • Resin River and Live Edge Countertops with Wood from our Local Area
  • 50, 80 or 110L Dometic Fridge Freezer
  • Ceramic Tiles of your Choice
  • Premium Tap and Sink with Electric Waste Release System
  • Reupholstered Colour Coded Front Seats
  • Swivel, Folding or Pull Out Solid Wood Tables
  • Shelves, Plants and Storage Hooks
  • Upgraded 12v and 240v Victron Electrical Systems with 400ah+ Lithium Battery Power and 3000w Inverter
  • Mood Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting, Reading Lights and Motion Sensor Step Lighting
  • Tv or Projector Screens
  • Secret Locking Drawer
  • Genuine Eberspacher Diesel Air Heater
  • Truma Air and Water Diesel Heater
  • Composting Toilet, Fully Waterproof Shower Room with Tambour Door
  • Glass Window Installation
  • Gas Free Conversion

For a more accurate idea of how much your camper will cost, reach us at or fill in our Quote Request Form here.